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Adult ADHD

  • ADHD is a neuro-developmental disorder affecting approximately 1 in 20 Australians.

  • Core features of inattention, impulsivity & hyperactivity often cause challenges in multiple activities of daily life such as socialising.  

    •  Inattention → difficulty following conversations.

    •  Impulsivity → speaking before thinking.

    •  Hyperactivity → talking excessively. 

  • Executive function issues may impact regulation of emotions, planning, organising, and managing time, staying motivated, and working towards goals. 

  • Adults with ADHD may also experience sensory processing differences which can affect the ability to tolerate certain environments and sensory inputs.

  • Symptoms often impact overall health and activities in the workplace, home, and community. This can result in reduced confidence, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and anger. 

Impulsivity2 c.png
Communication (c).png

OT 4 ADHDULTS supports adults to:

  • adjust to an ADHD diagnosis;

  • achieve success at work; 

  • improve communication and relationships;

  • balance work, family & social life;

  • establish and maintain organised spaces;

  • practise self-care and emotional well-being;

  • plan for future needs & dreams; and 

  • navigate life transitions e.g., further study & moving home.


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