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There is a vast amount of information relating to ADHD on the web.  The aim of the resources page is to link you to reliable and evidence based Australian information. 


Importance of a diagnosis & referral


  • Certain ADHD symptoms are similar to those caused by other conditions, such as anxiety or mood disorders.

  • An undiagnosed condition, such as a learning disability or substance abuse disorder, may interact and increase the severity of ADHD symptoms.

  • Management of other conditions may be required before commencing treatment for ADHD.

  • A referral is required to access funding you may be eligible for.

  • Collaboration within your healthcare team helps achieve consistency of care and may save time and money.

Further reading: The dangers of self-diagnosis - Better Health Victoria


Finding reliable health information


  • Health information needs to be reliable and evidence-based.

  • A number of misconceptions about ADHD still persist.

  • Testimonials in advertising are prohibited in regulated health services because:

    • they may have no objective basis;

    • they can be misleading;

    • the experienced outcome of one does not necessarily reflect the outcome or likely outcome for others;

    • they are not usually a balanced source of information; and

    • not everyone has the expert knowledge to assess the accuracy of the information.(AHPRA)


Further reading:  Finding reliable health information - Better Health Victoria


ADHD information​



Title: Taking Charge of Adult ADHD

  • By:      Russell Barkley & Christine Benton.

  • Refer:   ISBN 9781462546855, October 2021. 

  • About: Provides eight everyday rules for success and simple strategies. It is easy to understand, concise & user-friendly.

Web sites

  • Name:   ADDults with ADHD

  • Mission: To be 'the' evidence-based information source and advocate for adults with ADHD and their communities in Australia.

  • Name: ADHD Australia

  • About: An independent, national, non-profit body that represents the interests of all people and organisations involved in the area of ADHD.


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