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For Health Professionals

Evidence-based practice  


OT 4 ADHDULTS utilises best evidence-based practice for adults diagnosed with ADHD.



  • Initial 90-minute consultation includes a comprehensive assessment to ascertain occupational performance issues, strengths, barriers & goals; discuss DASS-21 & WFIRS-S outcomes and collaborate on a treatment plan.

  • Standard 60-minute consultations provide clients with structured support and specific strategies to facilitate recovery, engage in meaningful and productive life roles and improve their overall quality of life.



Includes but is not limited to:

  • psychoeducation - client and significant others;

  • adapting occupations and modifying environments;

  • CBT for mild to moderate depression, anxiety or anger associated with ADHD;

  • prescribing aids and assistive technology;

  • optimising time management;

  • sleep hygiene;

  • promoting self-regulation;

  • enhancing social interaction and awareness;

  • monitoring and regulating sensory stimulation;

  • implementing stress management techniques;

  • workplace accommodations; and

  • shared learning (from lived experience of a late ADHD diagnosis) and recovery-oriented practice.



Video calls: via Cliniko practice management software, designed to meet data protection regulations compliant with Australian Privacy Principles, GDPR, PIPEDA and HIPAA.

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