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Please submit your referral via HealthLink, email or post - see contact details.

  • OT 4 ADHDULTS will send the DASS-21 and WFIRS-S at registration.  Note: if completed within the last month, please attach to your referral.

  • Your client will be contacted within three days to schedule a consultation.

  • If utilising a Chronic Disease Management plan, the MBS CDM items are as follows:

    • 93000 - allied health video-conference; and

    • 93013 - allied health telephone (when video-conferencing is not available).

Note: clients with private health insurance or NDIS participants (self- or plan-managed) may be eligible to claim benefits for occupational therapy assessment and consultations.

Care Coordination

  • Communication: you will receive an occupational therapy report detailing assessment findings, recommendations and management plan; a progress report (if required) and a discharge summary. 

  • Continuity of care: please do not hesitate to contact OT 4 ADHDULTS for questions, further discussions, and future planning.

Contact details 

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