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​Intervention includes (but is not limited to):​

  • modifying home, work and social environments; 

  • implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to manage depression, anxiety and anger associated with ADHD;

  • prescribing assistive technology and aids;

  • grading (increasing or decreasing the difficulty of an activity);

  • planning, organising and managing time; 

  • overcoming procrastination;

  • identifying and managing sensory processing issues;

  • negotiating workplace accommodations;

  • educating and supporting those around you;

  • providing strategies for further studies; 

  • teaching essential financial skills;

  • promoting stress management;
  • developing effective sleep practices; and
  • practicing social skills.

Disorganisation (c).png
Organisation (c).png

Dr Russell Barkley is an internationally recognised authority on ADHD.  He recommends:

  • intervention at the point of performance;

  • modifying environments;

  • externalising key information; and

  • simplifying problem solving [ 1 ]


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